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Between here and the future

House Of Antara exists to celebrate the beauty and heritage of Southeast Asia.

We can't do so if we don't preserve our most valuable heritage of all: nature and communities.

Here are some practices we are committed to that are good for both people and the planet.

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Zero Waste Packaging

All your orders come in fully compostable packaging: like cornstarch bags, cardboard boxes and mailers.
Our no-plastic policy leaves minimal footprint behind.

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We pay dignified wages and ensure ethical working conditions for the artisans who produce our pieces.
We also work with trained refugee women to sustainably manufacture items while supporting the community.

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smarter fabrics,
lower emissions

All of our fabrics are digitally printed. This not only ensures high precision and bold colours, but also allows small scale production to minimise waste.


Compared to traditional dyeing which uses large volumes of water, digital printing reduces pollution by more than 30 times.*

*According to supplier specifications.

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