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Hang Li Poh Grey Book Bag

Hang Li Poh Grey Book Bag

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Shūbāo [书包], the Mandarin term for school bag when directly translated into English becomes Book Bag. This is a suitcase that protects your daily journal or books from dirt, stains, and bends. It comes with an attached zipped pocket to accommodate your stationeries and essentials, removing the need for a separate pencil case.

Adding a thoughtful touch— a matching coaster for your steaming mug of coffee or tea. As you conclude your reading reverie or journaling, the coaster will gracefully transform into a bookmark.

This set also includes 3 sticker sheets featuring motifs from 3 different House Of Antara collections, perfect for journaling and more. 

Size: 19 x 26cm. Fits standard A5 notebook or journal. 

*Notebook not included.

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